Barrels for Water Storage in Las Vegas, NV

  Need a barrel? Need several barrels? Need a stream of barrels?
The Barrel Company offers all types of barrels for your business,
be it oil drilling, schools, or hospitals.

Our selection of barrels include:
55, 30, and 16-gallon sizes
Fiber, poly, and steel
Open head and tight head
All over pack sizes for hazardous containment
5-gallon poly buckets with lids and the Gamma lids for the poly bucket
Black Poly buckets for agricultural square and round
Food grade options
Pumps (water and chemical)
Special supplies for hazardous containment

Each of our barrels are durable and can be used for chemical storage, UN transport,
and water storage in Las Vegas, NV. You’re guaranteed a tight seal on both open and tight
head barrels so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks.

We have the largest selection of food grade barrels. 275-gallon and 330-gallon totes are
also available to handle your food transportation.
Not only do we find you the right barrel for the job, but we can deliver the barrels to your work site.
When you’re done, we’ll pick up your empty, used barrels free of charge. Or if they are full,
we can help you find someone to pick up your used oil or help you dispose of waste properly.

Speaking of waste, we have containers for those used up fluorescent light tubes.
These containers come in 4’, 6’ and 8’ lengths to dispose of those lamps properly.

Ask us what’s available in our used barrel department and get great storage for less.
Or, if you buy new, you can take advantage of our reconditioning program.
You’ll enjoy a discount on your future purchases or get back some of what you spent.
Ready for a barrel company that does more? Call us today at 702-642-7785.
Or fill out our contact form.

Located at 1023 George Ave   North Las Vegas  Nevada  89030
(702) 642-7785

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